Camberley All Night Café For The Homeless

The All Night cafe’ welcomes veterans and the homeless, a service to support people in need.

The All Night Cafe’ provides delicious free home-cooked meals, complimentary drinks and refreshments throughout the night and a hearty hot breakfast is served at 7 am and customers are given a selection of free food or filled baguettes to take away. We also offer hot showers and a nearly new change of clothing exchange.

The Cafe’ is safe and warm with a zero drug and alcohol tolerance!

2019 Current Opening Times

The last twelve months has been incredibly busy for The All Night Café Team, with great fun, lots of heartwarming stories and a demand for our service on the increase.

We are open 7 nights a week during Winter

Friday (10pm till 8am), Saturday to Monday (9.30pm till 8am), Sunday (7pm to 8am)

The day cafe is open the following times

Thursday & Friday (11am to 2pm)

We will be on hand each night welcoming homeless & veterans for dinner, a safe place to stay & hot cooked food, plus breakfast at 7am each morning. Showers, fresh clothes & free takeaway food is also on offer – plus health or well-being support and advice to get people back on track.

We are looking forward to welcoming all in need and our aim is excellence as our standard.

Food Outreach Service

The All Night Cafe also provides food boxes and family food supplies and regular drive rounds and outreach in local areas. Serving a selection of fresh filled baguettes, hot panini’s, cakes, soups and delicious fresh foods, bread and pastries. The cafe’ is open as a community cafe’ and any donations or proceeds are put back into the project towards running costs of the All Night Cafe’. Please get in touch today to find out more about our outreach service.

This is a key part of our project, and we currently provide food outreach to over 70 households. Please contact us via Facebook Messenger

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